Best food in Chelsea!
Everything was good except for the fact that they forgot one of the breads that I ordered with the bartha instead of giving me the two they were supposed to include...and which I paid for.
the food is always awesome, simple, Punjabi comfort food, almost like someone's family member is making it. at an amazing price. we were excited to see there was a way to get it delivered finally. and were in a little bit of disbelief b/c it's just a tiny indian deli. The food took over 45 mins. We called them around 40 to check in, they said it'd be right there. and it was about 7 mins later. they sent a chickpea dish instead of daal, and no rice, which is just good to know for next time. We know it's a little deli who just makes what they make each day. The chickpeas are just as good as the daal so it's all good. it may not have been a perfect "ordering experience," but we love this place. The food is still awesome, and everyone that works there is always super nice. I'll definitely order from them again. And again.
Any questions please call us.